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Medicare provides healthcare coverage for those over the age of 65, those with end-stage renal disease, and those with disabilities. The Medicare healthcare coverage plan includes coverage for substance abuse treatment for those struggling with alcohol and/or drug addiction. Medicare also provides a service for those who are not addicted to alcohol but are worried about their alcohol intake. Under Medicare, you can go for a screening and pre-emptive counseling service, which is for those who are at risk of abusing alcohol. If this service is of interest, ask your medical practitioner if they are affiliated with Medicare and how to qualify for the screening program.

Medicare covers drug and alcohol abuse treatment only if treatment centers or providers who are affiliated with Medicare carry out the treatment and if your doctor states that the treatment is medically necessary and is central in developing your treatment plan. Medicare has two different healthcare plans. Medicare A covers inpatient treatment and Medicare B subsidizes outpatient treatment if provided by a clinic or hospital. It is important that you know which plan you are under and what you are covered for before planning your treatment. If your alcohol use has become problematic, if you are abusing drugs, if you feel that you are no longer in control of your life, seek treatment using your Medicare coverage. Our website has a complete list of substance abuse treatment centers in Illinois. Call one today to ask if they are affiliated with Medicare. Pick up the phone today and take control of your life again.
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