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Medicaid covers various rehabilitation services and needs, including substance abuse, mental health issues and co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse problems. If you are covered by Medicaid, or eligible for Medicaid coverage, you should be covered for some, or all, of these things, depending on which Medicaid plan you are on. Many people put off seeking treatment for substance issues because they think it is too expensive, if you are covered by Medicaid this obstacle to a sober life is removed. The following rehabilitative serves are covered under Medicaid: individual counseling, group counseling, family counseling, case intervention services, case assessment, and evaluation and management services.

If your dependence on alcohol and/or drugs is spiraling out of control, if you no longer feel in charge of your life, if your work and relationships with others have begun to be affected by your alcohol and/or drug use, you should seek treatment. If you have Medicaid, see what your Medicaid plan covers. If you qualify for Medicaid, choose the coverage that most suits your needs. Seek treatment today. Our website has a full listing of every substance abuse treatment facility in Illinois. Find out which ones are affiliated with the Medicaid program. Call them today to discuss treatment options. You can change your life. Start now.
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