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The NSDUH shows its reports and brief for Joliet in the Kendall Counties of Illinois with the N-SSATS and TEDS (Treatment Episode Data Set) figures. It has been seen that in the past 15 years, alcohol only admissions have reduced from 34% in 1992 to 17% in the year 2006. On the other hand, drug admissions have increased from 18% in the year 1992 to an astounding 43% for the year 2006. The NSDUH also identifies the rates of unmet needs for treatment for alcoholism among all age groups as being above the national average in the survey years.

Chicago in Illinois is the main transportation center for illegal drugs to Joliet in the Kendall Counties, controlling the retail sale of illicit drugs, such as marijuana, heroin, and cocaine. The most serious problem in Joliet is crack cocaine addiction, with heroin being the next biggest threat given the recent hike in seizures. Are you and your loved ones safe from the destructive effects of illicit drugs and alcoholism? We can help you with a listing of the various options and centers available in Joliet to treat the condition for all age groups and all types of addictions. Access us now to make the recovery process quick and simple.
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