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Dual Diagnosis is a form of treatment for those with both substance abuse problems and co-occurring mental health issues. Dual Diagnosis has become the accepted, and standard, mode of treatment. Dual Diagnosis treats both the substance abuse issues and mental health issues simultaneously, by the same practitioner. In this way, it differs from parallel treatment which is where the patient gets treatment for the mental health and substance abuse issues at the same time, but by different practitioners. Dual Diagnosis treatment has proved to be more successful than parallel treatment and sequential treatment, which treats first one issue then the other. More and more treatment facilities have begun to offer Dual Diagnosis treatment.

Dual Diagnosis treatment takes an almost self-directed form of treatment, as the individual undergoing the treatment has a role large in assessing their needs, deciding on a treatment plan and determining how each of his or her needs should be met. Treatment also includes group therapy and peer support, as well as family therapy sessions. Our website has a large list of facilities in Illinois that offer Dual Diagnosis treatment. Browse the list and speak to representatives of each facility to find out more about Dual Diagnosis treatment and whether it is the right method of treatment for you.
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