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SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) has been running the Access to Recovery program since 2003. The Access to Recovery program was an initiative of the last Bush administration. Its goal is to make treatment for alcohol and drug dependence accessible and affordable for all those who need it. The Access to Recovery program works on a voucher system, providing those who need it with vouchers to pay for the community-based drug and alcohol treatment programs. The Access to Recovery program has two goals, to ensure that treatment for substance issues is affordable, and to ensure that patients have access to the best treatment for their individual needs. The Access to Recovery program funds both clinical treatments as well as recovery support services. Clinical treatment comprises individual counseling, group counseling, and screening for substance abuse problems, medication-assisted therapy and treatment for medical disorders. Community-based staff and volunteers provide recovery support services. Recovery support services typically help with employment placement, housing support, family support and organizing support groups.

If you have put off finding treatment for your substance abuse issues because of financial reasons, find out more about the Access to Recovery program. Our website has an extensive list of Illinois treatment facilities for substance abuse. Visit our website to see which treatment facilities in Illinois are affiliated with the Access to Recovery program. With the Access to Recovery program, you no longer have to put off receiving your treatment for substance abuse problems.
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