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Residential long-term treatment might be applicable for someone who has tried outpatient care, but has experienced relapse. Long-term treatment is usually for 30 days or more. Sometimes people opt to live in what are called therapeutic communities for 6-12 months. Therapeutic communities are structured around the idea of living in a very supportive community structure. They are often used for those with severe addiction problems and those with impaired social function. Depending on the individual, residential long-term treatment may be a good option. However, there is not a one-size fits all option when it comes to the treatment of substance abuse and drug addiction.

The Drug Abuse Treatment Outcome Study (DATOS) showed that patients who successfully finished their time in a therapeutic community demonstrated that they positive outcomes with lower uses of heroin, alcohol, and criminal behaviour than when they went in. The study also found that those who stayed in therapeutic communities for more than 90 days had stronger outcomes than those who stayed for fewer days. For cocaine addicts, those who spent over 90 days in a therapeutic community, after a year, only 15 precent had returned to cocaine use. This is significant when compared with those who undertook outpatient treatment and a year later 29 precent had returned to cocaine use. To find long-term residential treatment facilities in Georgia, please visit our website.
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