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Outpatient treatment is attractive to many people suffering from substance abuse or drug addiction because of the way the treatment is structured. Outpatient treatment is not around the clock care. People can go in during the day or have evening sessions. This usually allows patients to continue with their everyday lives such as attending school or work. They do not need to explain long absences. However, it all depends on the patient's needs and level of addiction. Some people spend time in short-term residential treatment, switching to outpatient treatment for the long-term. Whether or not outpatient treatment is best for an individual needs to be evaluated by a professional.

In Georgia, there is a wide variety of facilities available. Most of them offer outpatient treatment and some offer outpatient treatment as well as inpatient residential treatments. Nearly 60 percent of rehabilitation facilities in Georgia are private, but there are some government-funded facilities. 28 percent of the facilities are state funded, 4 percent are federal funded, and 10 percent are local government funded. When choosing an outpatient facility it is important to find out what kind of treatment you need. If you need help for an opiate addiction, you may need to visit a facility that has methadone maintenance programs. Please visit our website for more information on outpatient facilities in Georgia.
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