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Are you worried about having a drug or alcohol problem, but not able to afford to get help? According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, between 2008 and 2009 approximately 689,000 people in Georgia needed treatment for drug or alcohol abuse, but did not receive it. Part of the barrier may have been perceived cost. Getting treatment for drug addiction and substance abuse is important; however, not everyone can afford the cost of treatment.

Medicaid is state managed health care available to certain groups of people. In Georgia Medicaid is administered by the Department of Community Health (DCH). Medicaid is designed to give health care to children, pregnant women, those who have disabilities including the blind, and the aged. Low income and U.S. citizenship are also important criteria for Medicaid eligibility. For people who might not be able to afford rehabilitation or other treatments or therapies for drug addiction or substance abuse, Medicaid might be able to help them cover the cost of treatment. Sometimes Medicaid will not cover all the costs and a person might be required to pay a partial amount for the treatment. Not only does a person have to be enrolled in Medicaid to receive treatment, but a provider must also be a registered Medicaid provider. Please visit our website for a list of Medicaid enrolled providers for substance abuse and drug rehabilitation facilities and services.
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