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The first steps to beating an addiction is to detox by getting proper treatment from a treatment facility. The next step is to get back on your feet and take control of your life. It can be difficult for many to bridge the gap between drug rehabilitation and going back to everyday life where there may not be the full support or a drug and alcohol free environment. There are places to go that bridge the gap and help you reintegrate yourself effectively back into society. These places are known as halfway houses or sober houses. Some people visit them after coming out of either short-term or long-term inpatient rehabilitation, others are outpatients who use halfway houses as a stable environment to help them stay sober or drug free.

There are over 150 halfway houses for people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction in Georgia. They are generally privately owned and run. There are some halfway houses that cater to women only. Halfway houses generally require their clients to be an active participant in their own recovery, asking them to attend counseling and helping them look for employment. In Georgia you can choose what type of halfway house is best for you. Would you prefer a faith-based house, or a house that provides certain behavioral programs? Helping treat and manage an addiction is a complicated and difficult process, so choosing a halfway house that is going to work with you is important. To find a list of halfway houses in Georgia, please visit our website.
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