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According to a 2007-2008 report by SAMHSA (or Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration), 3.07% of Georgians used a drug other than marijuana, the national average is 3.58%. Furthermore, around 7% use drugs, in general, in the month before the survey was taken. According to the survey, the most commonly used drug, as was told by clinics, is cocaine at just over 11,000 admissions. This drug is readily available throughout the state, both the powder and crack. Next is marijuana at just over 6,000. The state is also well known for having issues with prescription drug abuse, as the state even has a council dedicated solely to the issue./ Furthermore, there are quite a few people who abuse heroin in the state of Georgia, especially in the Atlanta region, though it is available in other cities. The most commonly used of the club drug family are MDMA and GHB. However, Ecstasy is also readily available in nightclubs. If you are tired of your addiction, if it is time to make a change in your life, our website can help. There is a comprehensive list of the drug rehab facilities in Georgia that can help you deal with your addiction to the drugs mentioned, or any other drug related issue.
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