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Ruth Cooper Center Drug Abuse Treatment and Education

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Sometimes there can be no more difficult a decision as making a decision about finding help for drug abuse for yourself or a loved one. However no decision is going to have a bigger effect on the quality of the rest of your life as the facility that you choose. The Ruth Cooper Center provides drug abuse treatment and education for the citizens of the Fort Meyers, Florida area. If you have questions about the program and how to get started don't hesitate to call for more information. The beginning of the rest of your life can start with this one call.

Mix of Services

The Ruth Cooper Center can provide a comprehensive program for a person which will address both the obvious substance abuse issues and also the underlying mental health issues that often accompany the abuse of substances. A person's mental health is something that has been ignored more and more as government programs are cut. This is one of the basic cornerstones of the programs. Since often the mental health of a person is directly related to the quality of life the person is experiencing. In fact it is nearly impossible to treat the substance abuse issue without addressing the underlying mental health issues. Whether it was caused by a traumatic event or a chemical imbalance there is always hope that a person can conquer all of their demons and enjoy life again. If you have any concerns about mental health issues or substance abuse give the Ruth Cooper Center a Call.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Of course one it the significant ways the Ruth Cooper Center helps its clients is to provide a cutting edge program to treat substance abuse. It doesn?t matter if a person is abusing prescription drugs, illegal drugs or alcohol. The facility is equipped to help the patient deal with the action of abuse and the issues at the root cause of the abuse. It begins with a thorough evaluation both mentally and physically to figure out where the patient stands. Then there is a detoxification stage where alcohol is removed from the system. This is done under constant medical monitoring so that the patient maintains physical health as they go through all of the symptoms of withdrawal. This can take weeks, but once it is done, then the issues surrounding the abuse can be addressed. There are counseling sessions available both individually and in the group setting. Remember that affordable treatment is only one simple phone call away.

Long Term Care

As a person visits the Ruth Cooper Center they not only receive the best initial treatment on the face of the earth, but once you are released, there is a significant post care and follow up program for the patients. A large number of patients in rehabs all over the country relapse quickly without a good follow up program that provides support for the patients. If you or someone you love needs help in overcoming addiction then give the Ruth Cooper Center a call today.

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