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In Connecticut, 28.2% of all people admitted for substance abuse treatment in 2010 were women. This comes from research carried out by SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration). Substance abuse issues affect both genders, and every segment of socio-economic segment of society. If you are struggling with addiction, you are not alone. Addiction will ruin your life and the lives of those you care about. If you are dependent on alcohol and/or drugs to get through your days, please seek treatment. Our website has an extensive list of treatment facilities available in Connecticut. Some of these will be women-only treatment centers. Some women may prefer getting treatment at a women-only treatment facility for the following reasons: it allows some women to be more open in group therapy sessions about their personal experiences and issues with substance abuse. Women are more susceptible than men to certain mental disorders and some women-only treatment facilities are especially equipped to handle dual diagnosis cases; and there are certain topics which affect women more often than men, in women-only treatment centers, more time can be spent discussing these issues.

To gain control over your addiction and reclaim control of your life, call one of the treatment facilities listed on our website. We have an extensive list of Connecticut treatment centers. Call them today to discuss your treatment options, and to see whether a women-only treatment facility would benefit your recovery and set you on the path to a sober life.
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