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Residential short term treatment is used to treat both drug and alcohol addiction. SAHMSA (the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) state that the length of residential short-term treatment is 30 days or less. Due to the length of the program, treatment is focused primarily on medical treatment and stabilization, as well as helping patients to amend their lifestyles. Hopefully, with this treatment, relapses will be avoided. Residential short term treatment, as a result of its length, is not as intensive as residential long term treatment. However, this works in some people’s favor. Not everyone benefits from the lengthiness of the program and the strictures associated with it.

If your addiction to drugs and/or alcohol is spiraling out of control, affecting your life and relationships, you should consider treatment. We have an extensive list of Connecticut facilities which offer residential short term treatment. Please call one of the Connecticut treatment facilities listed on our website. Speak to a professional to find out about treatment options, to explore your options and to find out whether residential short term treatment is the correct treatment plan for you. It is time to come out of the shadow of addiction. You can start your drug and alcohol free life today!
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