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Addiction to prescriptions drugs is rising. Connecticut has one of the worst track records for drug use in the country, according to SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration). Prescription drug addiction is an insidious problem in our society. The sad fact is that prescription drugs are pervasive and easy to obtain. Many people cheat the system by using multiple doctors to obtain more than one prescription to these medications. In 2010, The Centre for Disease Control noted that prescription drugs were the leading cause of drug-related deaths in the country. Make sure you do not add to this statistic.

Once you become dependent on prescription medication, it can be hard to stop. Because they are doctor-prescribed, they seem more legitimate than illegal substances, and so you may not know that you are doing anything wrong until you have become addicted. If you take multiple prescription medications a day, if you continue to take these medications even after the medical issue has been resolved, if you cannot get through a day without these medications, you have a dependence on prescription medication and should seek treatment. Our website has a list of treatment facilities in Connecticut who can help. Call one today to speak to a professional, to get advice and to begin your treatment.
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