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Outpatient treatment means that the patient is able to sleep at home and carry on a normal life. The patient has to go to a clinic or a counselor’s office for treatment. For standard outpatient treatment, therapy sessions are carried out over the weekends or at night so that it will not impact upon regular working hours. This way, patients are able to continue an ordinary life. Standard treatment necessitates 1 or 2 therapy sessions per week, for at least a year. Intensive outpatient treatment necessitates 10 to 20 hours of therapy spread across 3 days a week. Outpatient treatment is suitable for those who have a strong family support system, are able to avoid drugs or alcohol in the areas they live in, have work which would be affected by inpatient treatment, or find inpatient treatment unaffordable.

Outpatient treatment allows you carry on as regular a life as possible, however it can also be challenging because of this reason. It is important that patients remain committed to the program and regularly attend the support groups and therapy sessions. If you want to get your substance abuse under control and take your life back from addiction, please call one of the treatment centers located in Connecticut. Ask them about their outpatient program and whether it would be right for you.
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