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In 2001, Connecticut instituted a pilot program for Methadone Maintenance Treatment. The program was a success. Methadone Maintenance Treatment, if carried out properly, reduces the need for heroin or other opiate drugs, allowing you to lead a life, which while not completely drug-free, is stable. If taken regularly, once a day, every day, Methadone obstructs and dulls the effects of other opiates. The result of this is that you will no longer feel withdrawal or cravings for heroin or similar opiate drugs. Methadone, in the correct dose, does not affect you; you will not feel high or under the influence of a drug. The treatment will have a high chance of success only if the methadone is taken in the correct dosage and if the patient remains on the treatment plan for a minimum of 3 months. Initially, doses will be administered at a clinic only, which means that the patient will have to make a daily trip to the clinic. However, as treatment progresses, patients will be given dosages to take at home.

Success also depends on other therapies being carried out concurrently with the methadone maintenance treatment. These include individual therapy, group therapy and support groups. The methadone dosage will eventually be lowered so that the patient does not grow dependent on the drug. If you are struggling with heroin addiction or dependence on other opiates, methadone maintenance treatment could be the right mode of treatment for you. Please call one of the Connecticut treatment facilities listed on our site today to ask about the treatment and begin your path to an addiction-free life.
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