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Halfway houses are established institutions in the field of rehabilitation. They act as a median point between a treatment facility and one’s home. A halfway house is for people who are in recovery from alcohol and/or drug addiction. It provides that step between a treatment facility and returning to a home environment. In this way, it helps patients to be ready to re-enter society, by getting them used to a residential and social environment. A halfway house typically provides support for patients seeking employment, and provides patients with a social group of sober peers. As well as re-introducing patients to a social and home environment, halfway houses carry out rehabilitation programs. These most often include individual and group therapy, and support groups. In this way, the patients’ progress is monitored. The aim is that the patient keeps on track with treatment while also feeling supported in what can be a vulnerable period of the recovery process.

Most halfway houses advocate and implement long-term stay only, meaning 30 days or more. It is hoped that by the end of the process, the treatment coupled with the social atmosphere will allow patients to successfully re-enter society equipped with the tools for living a sober life. If you have recently completed treatment but feel you could benefit from a halfway house environment, please view the list of halfway houses located in Connecticut on our website.
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