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Substance Abuse or addiction can often stem from a pre-existing mental disorder, such as depression, or it can exacerbate that mental disorder. To adequately address this, a new treatment plan has been developed. Dual Diagnosis treatment is for those with substance issues and co-occurring mental disorders. The basis of the treatment is that both conditions are treated at the same time. In the past, the substance abuse dependence was treated first, followed by the mental disorder, or vice versa. Or, patients had parallel treatment, in which treatment is received for both conditions simultaneously, but treatment is given by different practitioners. Dual Diagnosis treatment, under the auspices of SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration), is quickly becoming more popular as its success rates grow. Dual Diagnosis treatment hinges on an almost self-directed method of care, where the individual undergoing treatment is actively involved in deciding on their treatment plan. The idea is that, in order to do this, the patient needs to assess their condition and needs. Dual Diagnosis treatment typically involves group therapy and peer support. Family therapy and consultations are also a part of the process.

If you are struggling with substance abuse problems and have an existing mental disorder, which is, going untreated, dual diagnosis treatment may be the right treatment plan for you. Our website has a complete list of treatment facilities in Connecticut that offer dual diagnosis treatment. Call one today to discuss your treatment options.
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