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According to a 2010 SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) survey, 23 000 Connecticut residents aged 18-25 have used cocaine or crack, and 35 000 Connecticut residents aged 26 and upwards have used cocaine or crack. Connecticut has one of the highest rates of drug use in the country. The vast majority of users have not sought treatment for substance abuse issues. Cocaine and crack have devastating effects on your health. Cocaine or crack cocaine users are more susceptible to cardiac or respiratory arrest. The use of these drugs can also result in extreme paranoia and hallucinations. Users who choose to inject the drug into their systems are more likely to contract HIV/AIDS.

Cocaine and crack are incredibly dangerous drugs. Every time you use, you are taking a chance with your life. Don’t end your life chasing a false high. Browse our website to read about all the treatment facilities available in Connecticut. To kick the habit, to reclaim your life and to restore your relationship with family and friends, call one of the treatment facilities listed on our website today. Whether you want to talk, need advice, or would like to register for treatment, we urge you to call one of the Connecticut treatment facilities listed on our website.
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