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The National Survey on Drug Use and Health report of 2007-08 states that Connecticut has one of the highest rates of illicit drug users between the ages of 18-25 years. The high incidence of substance abuse in the state is a matter of concern. The most abused drug in the state is the highly addictive heroin. Meth is the least abused, followed by marijuana. Nearly 8.23% people of CT have admitted using illicit drugs compared to the national average of 8.02%. A total of 444 people died during 2007 as a direct consequence of drug abuse which has been the major cause of death in the State. Drug Free Communities Program was being conducted to spread awareness against the use of such harmful substances. The federal government has also initiated the National Anti-Drug Media Campaign. In addition, any substance abuser should immediately be taken to a Connecticut drug rehab center. A person should not be abandoned during such distressful time as they can pose harm to others or worse, hurt themselves in the process. He or She should be admitted to a rehabilitation center where they can get a chance of a new beginning.

Drug rehab centers in Bridgeport CT have intensive detoxification programs, which have successfully cured drug addicts and given them a new life. Our website contains all details about the different rehab centers in Bridgeport CT and the various treatments offered by them. With your help and active participation, we can fight the Bridgeport drug problems.
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