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In Colorado women comprise approximately 20% of those admitted for drug or alcohol abuse, according to the National Substance Abuse Index. Seeking help as a woman for substance abuse can be intimidating. Between 1995-1999 over 40,000 women were estimated to be abusing alcohol in Colorado, but less than 6,000 of those women were admitted for publicly funded treatment. According to census data from the Colorado Census in 2000, nearly 25,000 grandparents are looking after and raising their grandchildren due to substance abusing parents, in particular, substance abusing mothers. Colorado also has a high amount (approximately one third) of female inmates in prison who have drug offences as their main charge. According to the National Substance Abuse Index, women in Colorado are almost as likely to smoke cocaine or take meth as their male counterparts.

According to the National Institute for Drug Abuse (NIDA), treatment for women should take into consideration the differences between men and women. These differences include, but are not limited to: responses to drugs, reasons for relapse, and reasons for not finishing treatment. The situations for women are often different too, particularly if a woman is pregnant or has children. On our website we can assist you in finding help for a drug addiction or substance abuse problem that is tailored for women and women's needs.
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