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Are you worried about not being able to afford to go into a drug rehab for months? Have you just come out of an inpatient rehabilitation facility and are looking for some extra help managing your addiction? Need to keep going to work or school? Then, outpatient care might be appropriate for you. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health approximately 20.8 million people needed treatment for drugs in 2007, but did not get the treatment required. It is best not to put off treatment when there is a variety of treatment options such as outpatient care that can work with your schedule. Outpatient care in general is cheaper than inpatient care; however, because patients do not receive around the clock assistance, many people need to put in extra effort to make sure their path to recovery is successful.

Outpatient treatment usually focuses on helping with behavioral management. Individual or group counseling is common, but some facilities offer other types of behavioral therapy such as multidimensional family therapy for teens, motivational incentives (using positive reinforcement techniques), or cognitive behavioral therapy where patients are taught to understand what situations will increase their risk of relapsing and avoiding those situations. In Colorado there are outpatient substance abuse facilities. Some of these facilities accept different types of insurance including Medicaid and Medicare. Outpatient facilities can help you get on with life whilst getting help and support for managing your addiction. Find out more about an outpatient facility near you in Colorado by visiting our website.
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