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The NSDUH (National Survey on Drug Use and Health) offers estimates on state level use of drugs and alcohol along with prescription drugs in the US. The recent survey for Lakewood, CO, shows that 11.72% of the residents had used illicit drugs compared to the national average of 8.02%, placing Colorado among the top ten states for drug abuse. The data also shows that 747 people had died in the year 2007 due to drug intake, which is 15.4% for every 100,000 of the population. This also exceeds the national average of 12.7% per 100,000 Population.

Our directory listings offer you a wide range of options for rehab centers near Lakewood, CO, all of which offer quality medical care for their clients. You can expect the best possible medical care from physicians, psychiatrists and therapists along with consulting psychologists if necessary. You can select residential, or partial care programs or monitored detox ones. There are also family programs, outpatient counseling programs and programs for prevention of relapse and so on. Proven methods are incorporated for assisting chronic and mild cases of addiction, with millions of people having been helped towards recovery over the years. Our listed rehab centers can help you fight your daily battles and win them.
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