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Are you struggling to stay away from drugs or alcohol? Need an environment where people are supportive and understanding? Want a place to stay with affordable accommodation which has support services for people recovering from drug and alcohol abuse or addiction? Then, it might be time to find a halfway house in Colorado.

Halfway houses for substance abusers are sometimes called sober living homes. Sober living homes in Colorado may vary in their structure and services. Most halfway houses are privately owned and operated. Quite often a person will use a halfway house when they have come from inpatient residential treatment, but others may choose to live in one because it provides a supportive environment for those trying to stay drug and alcohol free. Living in a halfway house can help them transition from a drug rehabilitation environment to society in a place that is drug and alcohol free and where they have support. The level of support and services do vary amongst halfway houses in Colorado, so it is a good idea to have a look at what types of programs and services are provided by halfway houses. In Colorado if you have received a voucher for Access to Recovery, this may cover some of the cost of halfway housing. Our website has a list of Colorado halfway housing.
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