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Are you suffering from a mental illness and some form of substance abuse or addiction? You may have what is known as dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis, also known as co-occurring disorders, is where someone suffers from at least one mental illness with an alcohol or drug problem. In some cases, the mental illness is present before the drug addiction, sometimes it is the other way around. Dual diagnosis often requires help from a professional who specializes in dual diagnosis (co-occurring disorders). Getting the right sort of help for your problems is essential to managing both diseases.

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, more than half of people with an addiction to a drug other than alcohol were found to have a co-occurring mental disorder. The odds were lower for those addicted to alcohol with 37% also having a mental disorder. These figures demonstrate a fairly high rate of dual diagnosis in substance abusers. Finding a specialist who is able to help does not have to be hard as there are facilities and services in the state equipped to deal with dual diagnosis cases. Living with two or more diseases is hard, but help is easy to find. To find out where in Colorado you can get help for dual diagnosis, please visit our website.
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