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For those who can't afford treatment or services to help with their substance abuse problems, finding help can be difficult. Access to Recovery is a grant scheme designed to provide those seeking substance abuse treatment with vouchers for substance abuse treatment facilities and services. These vouchers make it easier for those seeking help to choose which facility they visit and what form of care they receive. The Access to Recovery grants are for four years and funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Colorado's current grant is for four years (ending in 2014). The vouchers not only cover access to treatment for substance abuse, but other services like relapse prevention, halfway housing, support groups, and employment assistance. It may also cover other sources of assistance to help people successfully complete their treatment and prevent relapse. Anyone over the age of 12 who cannot afford to pay for treatment and related services may be eligible. There is, however, a screening and assessment process as the amount of funding is limited. Treatment providers also need to have filled out an enrolment form to provide services covered by Access to Recovery. Suffering from addiction is difficult, particularly as the disease is poorly understood by the general public. Is it time that you or someone you know sought help for drug or substance abuse? Do check out our directory for more information on it, treatment process and rehabs located near you.
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