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According to a survey conducted by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration in 2006, men continued to outnumber women in every category of substance abuse- alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, heroin and meth- in California by a margin ranging from 5% to 40%. The man to woman ration of meth users is closest at 57.3:42.7. A study in 2011 found that alcoholic women have higher mortality rates than non- alcoholic women and alcoholic men. It was found in another survey conducted by Christine E. Grella, Ph.D., for the California Department of Alcohol and Drug programs that women are more likely to engage in the use of prescription drugs, particularly tranquilizers, for non-medical purposes. The female share in the number of treatment admissions in California is 35.5% though women are more likely to seek help through mental health and child welfare system. It was also found in this study that women are less likely to admit abuse of alcohol as they do of methamphetamine, crack/ cocaine and prescription drugs.

In light of all these problems, the state of California has adequate facilities, sponsored by the state as well as private parties for the treatment of women in California prone to substance abuse. Our website has created a directory to help people find treatments more easily.
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