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Riverside County with its location beside Santa Ana River is prone to substance abuse. The drug and alcohol trade is carried out easily in the area and the youth of the city are affected badly. The data received from California state authority shows that 413, 000 pounds of marijuana is sized every year. 300,000 ecstasy pills and 5000 pounds of meth and, 18000 pounds of cocaine are also seized every year. The riverside drug problems are also aggravating because of high intake of alcohol, heroin and other illicit drugs. The data provided by national substance abuse index shows that 199,923 people were admitted in rehab centers in 2005 and many of them used to take more than one addictive substance.

If you are in a family where someone is suffering from the addiction problem, or you know a family with such problem, then it is high time to take action. Our website stores the name, contact details of the Riverside drug rehab centers, and these are centers where mental and physical treatment of the patients is carried out. Both residential and outdoor treatment options are present. You can browse through the website to find the rehab facility near your area. Your prompt action can save a life, so don’t be late.
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