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In 2005, the National Substance Abuse Index (NSAI) reported that as many as 199,923 people were admitted in the drug rehabs in California and many of them require long term treatment. Men at 70.2 % are twice as likely as women to develop alcohol dependency. More than 10 % of those between 21 and 25 years of age show marijuana addiction. The state is in the iron clutch of drug traffickers who utilize it as base for supplying substances like heroin, cocaine, morphine, and Meth. Some need additional treatment lasting for more than three months or 90 days. They stay in the rehab facility and undergo a combination of medication, therapy and coaching to gain full recovery from addiction. There are many rehabs in California which provide Residential Long Term Treatment. This treatment continues for over a long time to enable former addicts to return to normal life, better prepared to handle the complicacies of a life post addiction.

Most number of criminal cases, incidents of road rage, and aggression are caused by addicts. If you know anyone who needs Residential Long Term Treatment, call up a rehab today. Our website has a comprehensive list of drug rehabs in California that help people make a natural changeover to a healthy life.
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