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In a survey by National Substance Abuse Index, 39,585 people were found to be undergoing treatment in California rehabs in 2005. Children as young as 10 to 12 years had tried Marijuana at least once. Rehabs offer counter medication along with therapies to cure addiction in these people. Proper medication dosage helps addicts overcome cravings for a certain drug over time. Low income families get Methadone Maintenance in California. There are many good drug rehabs which offer complete cure from substance dependency. Since drug abuse is increasing at an alarming rate and illegal drug consignments are intercepted regularly, the state takes special care to help people make a full recovery. Our website has the largest list of drug rehabs in California. If you are in need of urgent Methadone Maintenance, it is time to call up a rehab. If left untreated, substance abuse can lead to irreparable damages in the body and mind of an addict.

Drug dependency causes several physical and mental disorders including cardiac infections and diseases, motor defects, memory loss, brain diseases along with different forms of Psychosis. If you know anyone who requires medical attention in a drug rehab, call up a facility now. Say No to addiction.
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