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According to National Substance Abuse Index (NSAI), the California Department arrested 2794 people in possession of illegal drugs. To help drug addicts get back a healthy life, the federal government issued Medicare, a health insurance plan for the citizens. Under Medicare, three categories of individuals are provided with medical treatment in rehabs. Senior citizens, above the age of 65, below 65 people with certain disabilities and those at the final stages of their renal diseases, are eligible for this aid. In 2005, 199,923 substance abusers were undergoing treatment ion several rehabs in California. Of these, 2199 individuals above 65 years were seriously dependant on alcohol, more than 1599 were addicted to heroin and around 400 had abused marijuana. Substance abuse causes coronary diseases, impairs motor skills, and increases blood pressure, as well as cause psychosis.

If you know anyone eligible to get Medicare, do not hesitate to call up a drug rehab in California today. Our website contains the entire list of rehabs in the state with their contact numbers. If you need to cure your one substance dependency, get in touch with rehabilitation facility without further delay. They offer a combination of therapy, medication and behavior management programs to treat addiction successfully.
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