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According to National Substance Abuse Index, there were 199,923 people undergoing treatment for substance abuse in 2005 in California. Sometimes, even after successful completion of treatment, former addicts slip back into addiction due to lack of continuing support. This is where a Halfway house comes in. They offer post-treatment support to former addicts and help make the transition from a rehab to a normal social life smooth. A Halfway House helps ex-addicts get back in touch with their offices or find new employment. Besides, as long as a person is without suitable accommodation, they can stay in the half way houses. If you are looking for post rehab support facilities, call up a halfway house without further delay.

There are many halfway houses in California. Our website has the complete list of rehabs and halfway houses in the state and you can find one in your very neighborhood. If you know anyone who is in need of further support post rehab, call up a halfway house today. Your intervention can prevent someone from sliding back into substance dependency. These facilities aid former addicts take up special classes and therapies to help them come to terms with social changes and social life since their admission in the rehabs.
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