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Prescription Drug Addiction

It’s alarming, but the increase in rates of prescription drug addiction that we have seen is becoming exceptionally high. In the 2000s, the rates of people, especially younger people, who have become addicted to and abused prescription drugs was markedly higher when compared to the 1990s, and that same...

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The risks of Prescription Medication

You don’t have to have an addictive personality to be at risk when you use prescription medication that has addictive properties. For some people, addiction can develop as a result of being over medicated. This over medication can be caused by dosage not being properly adjusted, or the person...

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5 Signs of Prescription Drug Addiction

Sadly, prescription drug addiction is one of the fastest growing drug-related issues in the United States and up to the moment many specialists have reached the conclusion that the nation is actually facing an epidemic in this direction. While prescription pain killers can definitely be extremely helpful for those...

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Zohydro, Opioid Prescription

New Opioid Approval: Zohydro

What better time than the present? The question didn’t escape the FDA, which has formally issued approval of a new opioid prescription painkiller called Zohydro. This prescription-only opioid analgesic was approved as a Schedule II drug. Schedule II drugs are more tightly controlled than Schedule III drugs. Formerly, opioid...

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