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Synthetic Marijuana

Over 200 Hospitalized in Colorado from Synthetic Marijuana

According to The Huffington Post, a joint investigation with state health officials began after observing an increase in synthetic cannabis-related emergency room visits in late August. In a federal report, 221 Colorado residents are believed to have been sickened by synthetic pot, also called K2 or Spice, in 2013,...

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Epilepsy, Neurotransmitters, Medical Marijuana

Mom Turns to Medical Marijuana to Treat Son’s Epilepsy

In a recent Huffington Post interview, a mother of an epileptic boy, Zaki, reports that a unique strain of medical marijuana known as “Charlotte’s Web,” sent her son’s severe symptoms of epilepsy almost directly into remission. Zaki’s mother, Heather Jackson, explained in the interview that her son’s seizures started...

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United Nations, War on Drugs Fail

Leaked UN Report Reveals Changing Attitudes on the Global War on Drugs

According to a leaked United Nations draft document, the prohibition-only style approach to the global War on Drugs may be nearing the end of its 52-year life. The document reveals that attitudes about the U.S.-led policy of abstinence-only education are increasingly divided, particularly among Latin American countries, but spreading...

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Annie's, Colorado, Marijuana Retail License, Marijuana Legalization

License to Sell: World’s First Recreational Marijuana Retail License Granted in Colorado

The world’s first recreational marijuana retail license has been awarded to Annie’s- a dispensary currently operating as a medical marijuana center  in Central City, Colorado (insert Rocky Mountain High joke here.) Although Annie’s still needs to obtain a state license, businesses throughout Colorado are scheduled to open their doors...

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Mental Health Medication, Research, Funding, Obama's BRAIN initiative

Less Funding for Mental Health Medication Research

Medical research companies seem to be spending less and less on mental health drugs, psychiatrists report. Considering ever-soaring numbers of Americans are purported to suffer from mental health issues such as depression and Alzheimer’s, it seems strange that companies are limiting funding for these drugs. In many studies, up...

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