New Blog Rules

New Blog Rules

This blog has ridden a roller-coaster over the last few days.  To clear things up, we’re instating some new blog rules.  The new rules go as follows:

1. No anonymous guest posts, no pen names.  A recent guest writer asked to remain anonymous and offered a pen name, then proceeded to spout malicious and offensive material on our site.  We will allow this no longer.  All guest writers henceforth must submit  real names with links to other published articles/biographies and a picture.

2. No more posts will be allowed by any entity by the name of “Jamaal Mica Durine,” or from the IP address we have associated with that name. We may at some point, for the sake of discussion, allow “Jamaal” to post again, but for now this user is blocked from the site.

3. Controversial opinions will continue to be hosted on this site.  We still believe in free speech.  However, posts or comments that we deem unlawful, obscene, defamatory, threatening, harassing, abusive, slanderous, hateful, or embarrassing to any other person or entity may be deleted at our discretion.  If you post this kind of material and we choose to host it, we do so to put you at the mercy of the comments your material receives.  If comments contradict your arguments and you fail to adequately rebut them, a further post will publish the peoples’ commentary as a revision to your article.

Be well.

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