Best Blogs of 2009

Published on 1/31/11
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Best Blogs of 2009

This page highlights eight blogs that we at voted as the best Substance Abuse-related blogs of 2009.  We've included a variety of blogs, everything from the personable experience of parents of an addict to the more politically oriented blogs that write about substance abuse.  This list is unordered as we believe all eight of these blogs are worth your time to read.

Best Blogs of 2009 - This is a news driven blog, that writes about and commentates on different countries drug policies. The author is a recovering heroin addict which gives a unique view and a much different one from politicians on drug politics. A must read for anyone interested in the politics of drug use and substance abuse. - Shane's blog titled "Memoires of a Heroinhead" is a first-person blog about Shane's life as a current heroin addict. Shane's path has been intense, and his writing style and voice are authentic and real. To get a glimpse into the life of a heroinhead, check out Shane's blog, and check out our interview with Shane. We chose Shane's blog for his authenticity, voice, and willingness to educate others about his situation, regardless of how you feel about it.  Shane's heroin addiction interview with AllTreatment. - A frequently updated blog written by the grown up child of an addict. This blog is very personable with lots of pictures, and is updated almost daily. As a blog it focuses largely on the bloggers personal life viewing things with a very reflective nature. It's a great read for those that want to read about someone's life without being put through alot of sensationalism and self-pity. - Laura's blog is written from her perspective as a parent to a heroin addict. Laura is honest, open, and supportive, reaching out to other parents with addicted children and supporting her community. Laura also did an interview with AllTreatment about her experience as a parent to a heroin addict. We chose Laura's blog for her courageous outlook and supportive role as a blogger. It takes a lot of integrity to be so honest and open.  Laura's interview about her experience with heroin addiction. - This is a blog written by two parents who's youngest son has had problems with addiction. This blog has already earned several awards for being a consistently updated blog that really does a great job describing the experience of dealing with a loved one going through addiction. It describes the emotional, up and down experience that substance abuse can bring to a family. A must read. - One of the best informational blogs out there. Dirk Hanson's blog covers everything from drunk driving during the holidays to the economics and demographics of substance abusers in prison. It's a very intelligently written blog with a critical eye towards government policy. The blog is regularly updated and has been included as a top 100 health blog by - This blog features regularly updated current news relating to drug addiction. Articles often include images and video, as well as a funny link to inspire and uplift in the case of a sad story. We chose Addiction Tomorrow for the AllTreatment Best of 2009 for its critical eye towards news events and research-oriented approach to addiction and rehab treatment. - This is a blog written by a PhD student of Psychology at UCLA studying topics ranging from drug-addiction, sex-addiction, and gambling-addiction. This blog is scientifically driven, focusing on "the pathway to addiction" and specifically how people become addicted to something and why they stay addicted. You'll learn about genetic, behavioral, and environmental factors that influence addiction and addictive personalities. We chose All About Addiction for making scientific jargon down to Earth and accessible.


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