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The state of Arkansas has issues with quite a few different drugs, for instance cocaine (powder and crack) are used some in the state. In Arkansas, in addition to Methamphetamine (or meth), the current usage of club drugs is increasing and consequently, more are getting addicted to the same. These drugs are readily available and the use is rising in the state. Ecstasy is the most commonly abused club drug, although the other club drugs are used as well./ To combat the issues relating to the use of drugs in the state, there are quite a few drug rehab facilities in the state. For instance, there is the Gulls Opiate Recovery Rehab facility in Herber Springs. This facility specializes in treating addictions to opiate drugs. They use a medication called methadone to treat the addiction.

There is also the Cumberlake Services for Chemical Dependency. This clinic specializes in dual treatment: the treatment of mental health issues, alongside drug and alcohol abuse problems. If you want to get in contact with any of the facilities listed or any other facility in Arkansas, you have come to the right place. Our website includes a comprehensive list of all the rehab facilities in Arkansas and will help you take the first steps towards recovery.
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