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Methadone Maintenance Treatment has been developed to help those addicted to heroin and other opiates. While when on the treatment, you are still technically not ‘drug free’, methadone reduces your dependence on, or desire for, other drugs. It allows you to lead a stable, normal life. Methadone, if taken once a day every day, blocks the effects of other opiates. This is how it gets rid of cravings and withdrawal symptoms. When taken in the correct dosage, methadone will not get you high or feeling drugged. It is important, for the treatment to work, that the methadone is taken in the correct dosage, and that it is taken at least once a day. At the start, this will necessitate you going to a clinic for your dosage; however once a client has proven to be reliable and stable, they are given dosages to take at home. It is important to stay on the treatment plan for at least 3 months. Anything less and the treatment will not work. Methadone Maintenance Treatment cannot be done in isolation. It is important to continue with regular therapies alongside the treatment. Gradually, the dosage of methadone will be lowered so that you will not remain dependent on the drug.

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